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You can expect that your complete health is our top priority when you walk into our office. The dedication of our Vineyard team at Vivos will provide you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. Dr. Michael Bennett is passionate about helping people with sleep disorders, snoring issues, TMD & craniofacial pain. He also has a team of health professionals that focus on patient improvement of overall health, pain relief, nutrition and all around better well-being.


Vineyard, UT


Settled between Orem City and Utah Lake, Vineyard has the vibe of a provincial network yet is near numerous city pleasantries. With delightful lakefront perspectives of Utah Lake toward the west and Mt. Timpanogos toward the east, Vineyard has an interesting wonder and appeal all its own! The town is halfway situated in Utah County and is on the edge of progress and development. It was home to the Geneva Steel plant that operated from 1944 to 2001 and employed over 4,000 people. The plant was torn down, and the 1700 acres that once was home to Geneva Steel will now be turned into a master planned community called Geneva.

There is a great desire to create the best possible use of the land, and much clean up has taken place as the process has begun. Already there are 3000 residential units being built. Many restaurants have been built along with a large Maverik. Geneva will boost the population of Vineyard, as well as create an expected 20,000 plus jobs. Easy access is a bonus, with 3 interchanges from the I-15 when completed. In the heart of Vineyard, there is a plan for a Town Center Village that is transit-oriented, which will make everything even more convenient and easily accessible.



812 S. State St.|  Orem, UT | 84097

Telephone: (801) 691-7365


Vineyard City

125 S Main St. | Vineyard, UT | 84058

Telephone: (801) 226-1929


Blue Stakes of Utah

PO Box 1517  | Draper, UT  | 84020

Phone:  (800) 662-4111


Rocky Mountain Power

PO Box 25308  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84125

Telephone:  (801) 237-2293  | Toll-free: (888).221-1070


Dominion Energy

PO Box 45841  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84139-0001

Toll-free:  (800) 323-5517